Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quick Quotes Review

Quick Quotes, have you heard of them? When you think of who they are based on their company name you just think they have quotes. Quick Quotes is so much more than just quotes.

I had the pleasure of meeting Andy Millett at a Create and Crop event in Perry GA. Quick Quotes has a monthly kit club called Club Q. I was given the combo pack d to test out. What an awesome kit. The first thing that I did was the canvas kit, what a fun project. First I have to say great job QQ for making the directions so easy to follow. They are very short, to the point and right on. Anyone can follow the directions, or even just look at the color photo (yes I just said color photo) to figure it out (if you do not like to read directions). This combo pack even comes with QQ's 12 pack of inks. In the directions it tells you what color inks to use on each project. No more fumlbing around trying to figure out what color best matches the paper or project. I will say I have my favorite set of inks that I love to use and was not that interested in trying new inks, well all that has changed now that I have tried the QQ's inks, they have become my new go to inks.

Each layout is so quick, easy and fun to do.

Did you know... Quick Quotes designes there own paper!
... Quick Quotes is now selling the canvas kits at Archivers!

I have talked about what is great about Quick Quotes now on to the not so great part. I am usualy good at finding the negitive of things I use and how it could be better but with QQ I had a hard time with that. I only found 2 small things. First, the glue on some of the plastic packages was a bit strong and hard to get open. Ya I know your thinking what does that matter but if you struggle to get it open you could bend your paper that is inside. Second, some of the die cut perferations were a bit hard to pull apart but that is easly fixed with just cutting it apart.

I can say after trying this kit out Quick Quotes has become one of my top 3 companies. I would LOVE to help them out at any of their events here in GA, so Quick Quotes contact me!

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