Tuesday, January 19, 2010

layout of the day Jan 19th

This layout is of my hubby Bruce packing up some dishes in our kitchen in Weston FL. Getting ready for the move to GA.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jan 18th layout of the day

This layout is a couple of pics of my step son Michael. Bruce has no idea where or when he took this but I am going thru an old album that I have of pics and decided to do this layout anyway. Maybe Michael will remember where he was... who knows they are good pics though.

Jan 17th layout of the day

My dad always had boots around the house and my sister and I when we would fight would chase each other around the house with his boots acting like we were going to hit each other with them. Ya I know not real nice but we were kids. Oh ya we would not do it if dad was home. Big trouble that way! So, after my dad died for Christmas that year we pulled out his boots and put him on and remembered what we used to do to each other as kids. Boy do I wish we would have kept them but we donated them. Good memories!

Layout a day...

So remember my new years resolution, to do a page a day. Well, yesterday was the first day I felt up to doing a quick page. I will be posting that layout and the quick one I did today also. In just a little bit. Going to take a brake first and go get my days of our lives fix first. Be back soon with the photos.

ideas for wedding invite for my sis (from Archivers)

Here is a 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 card that has a wedding photo size of photo is 2x3 wallet size. and on the inside I would put reception info and the response cards, registry info ect.

Friday, January 15, 2010

James lost his first tooth!

So for a few weeks James tooth has been loose and just before it came loose we niticed that his adult tooth was already coming in behind the baby tooth. So finaly tonight after messing with it for a while and then leaving it alone till after dinner I gave it one oush to the side and out it came. How cool! James was so excited and wanted to call his dad right away but he got his voicemail and now is sad that he didn't tell daddy. Here is the photo! James is no longer my baby he is in school and doing well and now he has lost his first baby tooth! I am so proud of him.

Where has the days gone so far....

I cannot believe it is the 15th already. So have I stuck to my resolution? NO! I have not but I do have a good reason! I had surgery on the 31st of December but thought I would be good to go and be able to scrap. Ya right. It is supper painful to sit in a reg chair yet without having my feet up. So for now I have been looking at blogs, watching youtube videos ect . But hope to soon be able to get back into scrappin. I am going on my first retreat at the end of the month and I am sure I more than make up for it. I thought that I would be 28 down and then another 40 or so from the retreat but no such luck. Oh well, we will see how many I do get done and cought up. To be continued......

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stampin Up new products review!

First, I would like to thank PaperCrafters Corner for picking me as a member of their new Product Review Team. I would also like to thank Stampin' Up for the opportunity to review some of their new products.Items I was provided to use and review: Vintage Vogue stamp set, clear blocks F, D, B & H, and the corner scallop punch.
When I first heard that Stampin' Up was introducing unmounted stamps, I was excited but confused. How would I be able to see the image I was going to stamp? I knew that the new stamps would be traditional SU rubber but for use with clear acrylic stamping blocks and I didn't "get" how that would work.
As it turns out, Stampin' Up had a great solution! The new stamps come with a clear sticker to put on the back of your stamp so you can see just what and where you are stamping. It is a bit tricky to get the labeling sticker on just right... In fact, I have yet to get any perfectly lined up, but close enough :)
Have I mentioned the cases for the stamps yet? They are great! They are the size of a DVD case and also have the pictures of the stamps right on them so you will always know what stamp goes with each set. I know I will love that feature. Sometimes if I am using more than one set at a time I have to go back to the catalog to make sure I am storing each stamp back with the correct set. (That's one great thing about stamps -- mixing and matching designs from several sets to create your own unique project!)
Now let's see how they stamp. Wow, do they stamp great! They stamp just as well as if they were mounted on the wood. I am on the fence about whether I prefer the wood or the clear mount. The wood mounts are "easier" in that you do not have to go find a block to put the stamps on. However, I LOVE how you can almost see through the stamp, which allows you to know where you are stamping.
Now onto the punch. This pattern on the punch is really cute! After testing, though, I have to say that I think the punch could be a little better designed. This is hard to describe, but I had a hard time lining the punch up just right with the edge of my paper. Even using the image guide on the bottom of the punch, it was tough to line up perfectly to avoid having extra paper hanging-off the edge of my paper after punching. (A quick snip from my precision scissors took care of the hanging paper, though, easily enough.)
On the plus side, this punch folds clamps shut for storage, allowing for some space-savings. The folding mechanism is very sturdy and easily opens & closes for use or storage.
But enough talk.
Here are a couple of projects I made using the products: This first card I made using versa mark and one stamp on the green paper, the F block, and the Friend stamp.
The second card I made using the corner punch on the brown and pattern paper. I also used the long stamp and the flower stamp.