Monday, December 28, 2009

Goal for 2010!

I wanted to do this for 2009, but it didn't go as planned. It started out well but like most new years resolutions it faded. This year I hope to do it.

So what is it you may ask?

1 layout per day. I will do one scrapbook page per day. So that means that I will have at least 365 layouts done this coming year.

Starting will be hard since I will have surgery on Dec 31st this year. But I hope to layout all I need for a few layouts till I am able to lift again. I am also going on a retreat at the end of January so that should get me ahead of the ball since I will be missing a week due to a 7 night cruise in February.

Wish me luck.

Anyone want to take this challenge with me? IF so let me know!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Large Store N Spin review

After seeing a couple of my fellow scrapbook friends with the Large Store N Spin and hearing how much they love the item I decided to break down and get it for myself.

Here is what I have found. The site is a bit hard to find. Currently many of the colors are out of stock. However, I did find a color I do like, the pink with green trim. When the package finally arrived I was so excited to open it and start filling. You need to put the fabric over the bucket yourself. This is not hard to do it has velcro. I started with my pens and then moved on to the items that I had in my old spin storage system. After doing this here are some of my thoughts. As of any item that you purchase it is not custom fit to you. For me it seems some of the pockets are a bit large and some a bit small. So far it about half full with all of the items that I had in my old storage system. So that is a huge plus for me. The biggest downside to the store n spin is it doesn't have a single hand handle. It has the holes for a handle bot not included (it is included on the smaller store n spin. However, you can pick it up with both hands at the handle locations. I am thinking of a way to make a handle so stay tuned to what I come up with and if it works! The best part about the store n spin is all the places to put things, no more keeping my glitter pends in a pouch and digging for a color they each have their own space now. Should make for quicker scrapbooking or should I say tool finding!