Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mrs. Katie Crane

Preston's Pre K teacher this is year was Mrs. Katie Crane. She has passed away. I did not know her well just the time I had talked with her about the class and Preston. She was one of those teachers who you could feel comfortable with. Preston adored her. She was a sweet, caring, gentle angel. She leaves behind a husband and two children of her own. Our prayers go out to Katie's family. Katie you will not be forgotten, we will miss you dearly.

Now to find the right words to tell my 3 year old son Preston that his teacher has passed away.

Katie had pain in her hip and on Saturday was taken by ambulence to the hospital and it was there she was diognosed with Strep A in her muscle. She went on to have 3 surgeries over the next few days and passed away during the 3rd surgery.

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Joy said...

oh this just breaks my heart to hear this. She looks like someone I would of loved to know. I am so sorry for your lost Christina and know there family is in my thoughts and prayers.